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Monday, December 1, 2014

Cadar patchwork - now december 2014

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Lebih cantik dan menarik
100% cotton
Export Quality dengan pelbagai corak
Saiz : 1- Queen - RM100
2 - Single - RM85
Harga: Terbaik
Daftar segera untuk dropship
Gambar di
Kos Pos:
1 set - RM20.00
2 ~ 3 set - RM30.00
4 ~7 set - RM40.00
Lokasi kami di Taman Puchong Intan
Hubungi 0133914176 - zahari

Sunday, November 16, 2014

hot shaper 3D

RM30.00 - Semenanjung
RM33 - Sabah/Sarawak
Yoga Pants Women 
Body Shape Women Pants  

1,Yoga Pants Women Body Shape Women Pants
2,Color:Beige, Black
3,92% polyamide fibre, 8% Spandex
4,Free Size

Yoga Pants Women Body Shape Women Pants
Beige, Black
Free Size (Hipline 87-105cm) max 41 in.
Leg shape, Body shape, abdomen in, Hip up, body slimming
92% polyamide fibre,8% Spandex

1, sing the Japanese professional bunched fabric - high-elastic cotton lung, with high restoring force that prevents fat flow, efficient closing fat, firming not tight.
2, reduction of seamless design, not only stylish and elegant, equally comfortable in contact with skin and soft.
3, waist / high waist panty fifth type, coating resistance, not only tighten the entire waist, also coated with a thigh location for lower body obese women the best choice. Abdomen, hips,
Stovepipe triple, easily create slim curve.
4, shaped buttocks circumference was closed after three-piece pleated design, effectively raising the hip line height, shape finished buttock line.
5, key parts of plastic, abdominal massage effect, shaping calm abdominal massage training

abdominal muscles, reduce fat production, taking seamless processing, personal wear smooth  trace.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Push Up Genie bra - Stok Ready

berminat untuk membeli borong ???
- Terbaru - Original dari kilang
Saiz:  M, L dan XL
Warna: Nude, Hitam, Merah muda dan biru lembut
Brand: Genie Bra
Harga: ( RM17/pc )
Pack: Tanpa Kotak
Dropship; RM24.00/pc..

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Cami shaper - Saiz: XL, Color : Black Out of Stock

Qualiti dijamin
the material same as original
Saiz: S/M/L/XL
Color: Nude / Black ( White - hanya saiz S sahaja)
Material: Material is 95% Nylon +5% Spandex.
Dropship included post
RM32.00 - semenanjung
RM35.00 - Sabah / Sarawak

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Cami Body Shaper - limited quantity

Hanya saiz M dan L sahaja
Color available: NO 1, 4 dan 5
Harga RM14
Dropship: RM20/pc

Sunday, February 2, 2014

NEW - *** Magic Collant*** Legging

Dijamin Qualiti
Original produk untuk pasaran Russia


color: black and nude
Material: 95 % Stretch Nylon, 5 % Elastan
Saiz: Free
Harga : COD
RM24.00/box - 2pc black and nude

RM32.00/2pc semenanjung
RM35.00/2pc Sabah/Sarawak

Popular and original product in Rusia.
**The first tear-resistant tights.
**2 colors included in the set.
** No more ladders.
**extremely resistant.
** comfortable to wear.
** Fits to any garment.
**never break.
"Black tights" and "reliable" don't usually go hand in hand. In fact, unless you suffer from crural claustrophobia or have a pants-only policy, chances are your relationship with opaque pantyhose is that of a love-hate variety. You probably love how they make your legs look, how they allow you to wear your minis out in snowfall, and how cozy they feel against your skin. And, you likely hate how they always seem to catch a run within the first hour of you wearing them. 
   But, among our editors, we've logged centuries of experience wearing black tights, so when we say we've found the best of the bunch, you'd better believe us. And, the 10 sets ahead are truly the Rolls-Royces of pantyhose. Yep, these babies won't rip, sag, stretch out, or pill — or, at least, they hold up better than anything you've worn before. And, that's pretty, well, tight

Saturday, February 1, 2014

New Panties 505

Harga: RM7.00/pc
RM40.00 termasuk pos semenanjung - 5pc
RM43.00 untuk Sabah/Sarawak - 5pc

Friday, January 31, 2014

Genie Lace Bra

Genie Bra
Export Quality 
Saiz : S,M,L,XL,XXL
Warna ; Classic
Packing: 3pc/bag
Harga Dropship:
RM40.00 semenanjung
RM43.00 Sabah/Sarawak

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Fisheye Lens with clip

Color: Silver,red,black
RM45.00 termasuk POS
Package includes:
 Fish eye lens*1pcs
 Macro lens*1pcs
 Wide angle lens *1pcs
 Lens cap*2pcs
 Lens bag*1pcs

MACRO LENS- to take a clearer picture of small objects
WIDE ANGLE LENS- to take a larger range of scenery, highly suitable for group photos
FISHEYE LENS- to capture 180 degree of a desired scene, which can let consumers enjoy the feeling of being unreal

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Genie Bra - Export Quality

Genie Bra 3 in Set Summer Pack

 (Hot Pink, Sea Blue and Lavender) w/ Removable Pads *As Seen on Tv

Saiz: S/M/L/XL/XXL
Material: Material is 96% Nylon +4%spandex.
 - Dropship termasuk pos-
RM40.00/set - semenanjung
RM43.00/set - Sabah / Sarawak
Saiz: S/M/L/XL
1 set ( 3pc )
Dropship - termasuk pos
rm38.00/set -semenanjung
rm40.00/set - sabah/sarawak

Classic Color
Warna: White/Black/Nude
Genie Bra - export Quality
Saiz: S/M/L/XL/XXL
 - Dropship termasuk pos-
RM38.00/set - semenanjung
RM40.00/set - Sabah / Sarawak

Friday, November 8, 2013

Feeling Touch - Stok ready

9cm heigh
for this product, 
Material is 90% Cotton +10%spandex.
Free Saiz: (waistline: 64cm-85cm)
Wash care tips: 
1, Do not use bleach to affect the color of underwear. Suggest to use neutral detergent,soak for 10 minutes.
2, Do not rub,use gentle machine wash or hand wash. Water temperature is less than 30 degrees.
3, Do not wash mixed with easy to fade clothing or coat 
shape buttocks, slim belly
HARGA Dropship:
1pc rm7.00 - pos RM7.00/pc = RM14.00
5pc rm35.00 - pos RM8.00/set(5pc) = RM41.00
Tambahan Pos ke sabah/Sarawak rm3.00 utk 1 pos dibawah 500gm
100PC- RM6.50/pc
200pc - rm6.00/pc...
 pos bergantung kepada berat

12cm - rm13.00 harga kedai
rm21.00 semenanjung
rm24.00 sabah/sarawak
warna:Black-100pcs White-40pcs Pink-90pcs Blue-90pcs Beige-90pcs Skin color:90pcs
Saiz: M/L , L/XL

20cm/22cm - rm16.00 harga kedai
rm24.00 semenanjung
rm27.00 sabah/sarawak
warna: hitam/nude
Saiz: M, L

Monday, October 14, 2013

Infrared Women's Shaper Body Corset - Slimming Corset -stok ready

RM40.00-Stor min 10pc
RM48.00 - Semenanjung
RM50.00 - Sabah/Sarawak
2013 New Infrared Women's Shaper Body Corset Slimming Corset
Quick Look:

Infrared Slimming Body Shaper Corset
Black,  beige
suit + briefs
72.5% nylon,14.5% spandex13%, polypropylene
1,Breast up,Leg shaping,tighten fat,               
2,attain prefect leg line
3, absorb sweat wet soft and comfortable
4, elastic, fashion beautiful body toning, generous and elegant
free size- sesuai untuk 70kg ke bawah

1. Absorb sweat wet soft and comfortable
2. Elastic, fashion beautiful body toning, generous and elegant
3. The neckline shape: U word

Orthopedic, carry buttock, chest, finalize the design, to protect the waist, magnetic therapy, 
gathered, antibacterial, beauty, beautiful body, burning fat, toning, belly in, radiant
More Advantage:

Bust Up 
Flattens Tummy 
Lifts Butt 
Slims Thighs & hip 

Tightening Slim Body Shape Suit - stok ready

RM22.00-Stor price
RM32.00 - Semenanjung
RM35 - Sabah/Sarawak

Tightening Slim Body Shape Suit  

Slimming Suit- Breast up, abdominal tightening Slim Shaper 

Natural Bamboo Slimming Body Shape
can packing 
Breast up, Leg shaping, tighten fat,               
attain prefect leg line

--Breast up, straight back, breast augmentation, breast raised 
--Abdominal tightening, flat stomach, waist tightening, slender waist
--Buttocks lift, buttocks raised, more flexible
--Leg shaping, tighten fat, attain prefect leg line

Natural bamboo suit, with unique design ,magical under garment is without steel ring, hook and slide fastener.
Perfect body shape will be attained under unconstraint.
 Make use of strength of the back straight stretch to support the breast.
Make your breast natural and accessory breasts will disappear and you will be with fascinating depth of cleavage.
Natural bamboo magic suit, make use of cross-circular elastic effective to control fat movement of tight verruca, so that the thigh is firming, smooth and the dream of a classy legs shape will be occurred. 
More Advantage:
Bust Up
Flattens Tummy
Lifts Butt

Slims Thighs & hip 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sliming briefs cellulifting tourmaline - MIDDLE and SHORT - Di jamin Quality

Produk terbaru di pasaran

RM32.00 (S/Malaysia)

RM27.00 (S/Malaysia)

Saiz: S/M dan L/XL

Antara kebaikan Tourmaline pada tubuh badan manusia

Ø  Detoksifikasi
Ø  Membantu proses pembuangan lemak
Ø  Mengurangkan water retention
Ø  Meningkatkan peredaran darah
Ø  Mengusir buangan-buangan yang tidak dikehendaki
Ø  Membantu membersihkan hati dah buah pinggang
Ø  Membantu menyembuhkan luka pada kulit
Ø  Mengurangkan penyakit berkaitan emosi seperti kebimbangan dan kemurungan
Ø  Sokongan kepada tubuh badan penyakit-penyakit kronik
Ø  Membantu menyingkirkan logam berat, racun dan bahan-bahan bersifat karsinogenik dari dalam tubuh badan.
Ø  Mengurangkan lactic acid dan free fatty acid.

 Menyedari betapa banyaknya keistimewaan dan kebaikan Tourmaline, di negara-negara barat sudah banyak terhasil produk-produk skin care daripada Tourmaline ni. Kini tiba di Malaysia dalam bentuk pakaian. Slimming briefs cellulifting tourmaline 


S/M = 36~42
L/XL = 38~44
Color: black,
material: 92% NYLON 8% ELASTANE 

Slimming Innovation
For the very first time a unique association of three principles is going to revolutionize 
your well-being.
CELLULIFTING Tourmaline, textile line of slimming products is based in a whole 
new concept : synergy between specific tissues, a unique mineral and targeting 
slimming advices.
Regain tonic and slim shape fast and effortless thanks to the association of three 
principles, always keeping energetic and dynamic.
1 CELLULIFTING Textile : This material possesses a unique elasticity (it can extend 
by 500% in size) keeping original shape without any deformity. This makes 
wearing more comfortable and easy to use. CELLULIFTING Textile is an 
intelligent tissue; which insures good ventilation and prevent from discomfort 
of perspiration. Products are suitable for wearing all year long.
2 A unique mineral : Tourmaline is a mineral with natural electromagnetic 
properties. 70% of human body is water. Tourmaline's effect energizes the 
water molecules to become individual molecules, this increases the oxygen 
uptake. Human cells thus resume vitality. Individual water molecules can 
move freely in and out of cells, this activity transmits heat energy in deep 
tissue to slightly increase the regional temperature. This increases blood 
circulation; promote elimination of toxins, calories burning and speed up 
elimination of orange peel effect (cellulite skin).
3) 10 practical advices to get slim, developed by Françoise MENDRAS 
sports coach.
MANUAL INSTRUCTION for a maximal efficiency: with CELLULIFTING 
Tourmaline you don't have any effort to make, use garment as long time as
 possible all day long and keep on mind Françoise MENDRAS, our sports 
coach, advices.
* Long lasting efficiency : non principle actives add. CELLULIFTING 
Tourmaline slimming textile line of products, keeps its own efficiency
 even after being washed and reused several times. You can freely wash 
our textile, as it doesn't lose Tourmaline and textile properties. Textile 
has a long lasting performance (on average 300 days)